Welcome to my November 2017 monthly income report!

This is the very first income report for this new blog, which was launched in November 21, 2017.

Over the past year, countless of things happened that made it pretty challenging for me to finally get to this point.

From personal challenges, losing a year’s worth of content (and even experiencing the most devastating hurricanes in history) to toxic business partnerships (and everything else in-between) – it’s worth saying, that all of it was a “big fat test” that created brand new opportunities for me.

You can read all about it in my article, Why I Disappeared for Almost a Year, Why I’m Back and What’s Next.

Over the years, I’ve created, launched and built profitable blogs many times before, and many of them were sold.

This time, it will be different. This blog will never be for sale, because it represents my long-term commitment to teach everything I know about life, online business and strategy.

There will be no “exit hidden agenda” here.

Although, I believe in the principles behind being transparent with everything I do, that’s not the main reason why I’m going to be sharing monthly income reports. Responsibility is the reason why for my income reports, at least, from my part.

Let me explain…

Although the blogging (and online business) industry isn’t new, there’s still a very primal misunderstanding of what it takes to create and grow multiple streams of income online.

Many people only see (and choose to focus on) the apparent “overnight successes” from other online entrepreneurs making millions of dollars. That opens up for the very thing that keeps up-and-coming bloggers depressed and stuck with the wrong mindset.

Unfortunately, it drives them to make decisions that keeps them stuck on the wrong path, for the wrong reasons.

It sets expectations based on false and misguided information as to how things really work. That’s why I decided to showcase my income reports.

Over time, these monthly income reports will evolve into some core components that most bloggers never talk about.

That being said, welcome to my November 2017 monthly income report!

Important Goings-On in November

As I mentioned above, I launched HeyRicky on November 21st. So, technically, this report is based on only one week.

It also happens to be my second month since I moved to Georgia.

Frankly, it was a big change for me, because I’m 99% of the time by myself in a property with 80 acres of land.

On the other hand, it has been a blessing, and every day this special place keeps growing on me.

Here’s a quick video of me driving-in the place I live now:

In November, I released two new resources for you. Of course, I’m currently working on more step-by-step training around different topics to serve you better based on where you are at in your own journey.

Here are the two new resources…

#1. A Story-Driven (educational) Free Email Course: Secrets of Smart Evolved Bloggers

It is an exclusive daily email with amazing content on exactly what the most profitable bloggers in the world do differently to build multiple streams of income online (and how to model their success.) You can sign up for it, right here.

It’s free.

#2. A Step-by-Step Video Based Guide on How to Create Your First Online Course

These videos are packed with everything you need to know about creating online courses. It is one of the modules inside my flagship course, The Smart Blog Funnel. You can get access to this free resource, right here.

I recommend you bookmark that page, if you are seriously considering creating an online course.

Migrating to New Platforms

As part of this “new beginning” process, I decided to simplify everything in my business moving forward.

In November, I started moving all of my digital assets (courses, email lists, etc) to the following platforms as a starting point for what’s about to happen…

#1. I moved my course to Podia.

Soon, I will be releasing a complete step-by-step video tutorial on how (and why) I use Podia to host, manage and sell my online courses.

#2. I started moving my email lists from GetResponse to ConvertKit.

There are many good email marketing services out there, but ConvertKit just makes things so much effective and easier for me. I’ll show I use it to build my list, communicate, segment my audience based on their current interest and more.

One more thing happened in November

All of my life, I have never liked any kind of pie.

I can hear you saying, “What?!! Why?!!”

Calm down, tiger 😉

My good friend, Anita, baked an amazing pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Well, I couldn’t help but to officially become a fan of pumpkin pie. I was in awe…

😀 Still not a fan of apple pie, hehe.

Income Breakdown

Total Gross Income for November$3,570.35

As you’ll see below, most of my income for November came from services I offer. More specifically, sales funnel building services. I’ll share how this income stream started to take place.

Total Affiliate Earnings for November$220.35

The other income stream for me on this very first month was from affiliate products and services that I’ve personally use and recommend. Here’s a quick breakdown…

Service Based Earnings $3,350.00

When it comes to service based earnings, it was interesting how I started getting new clients.

I said, “interesting,” because in the past, I used to “try” to hunt for new clients, but that’s not the case this time.

Once I got my first client (an amazing lady), she loved my work so much, that she started referring people to me.

One of the reasons for that, is because these other people saw my work from her funnel, and they asked her who built it for her.

In my own experience, this is the easiest (most effortless) way to get high-ticket clients. You don’t have to convince them of anything, because they are already convinced (and sold) by the work I’ve done.

So, I simply spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with them, and they send me the payment I ask for to get started, right after the call.

Another thing that I’m doing different from what I used to do is that I offer them a payment plan, but it is a weekly payment plan, and not monthly. They also have the option to pay in full (upfront) to save money.

I call it, “my side-hustle” project. And well, it is working just fine.

But the goal with it, isn’t to make it my biggest source of income. I prefer to build (and grow) assets that work for me and that have the potential to scale on autopilot.

Hence, why there’s still a lot of work to do around here. And that requires consistency, which is one of the most challenging things to endure, in my opinion.

By the way, it is worth saying that one of the fastest ways to generate a decent amount of income from your blog is by offering services in the beginning stages while you keep growing other streams of income, such as from affiliate products and from your own products.

Expenses Breakdown

Total Expenses for November — $62.15

Net Profit Breakdown

Total Net Profit for November — $3,508.20

That is not bad for it’s first month, but there is tons of work to do in order to grow from here and serve my audience much better.

I’ve already begun working on new resources for December and January, and it is going to be amazing!

New (Free) Resources Coming Up Soon

#1. A step by step training on how to create your online course. Most of it is done, but I’m working on adding some additional helpful tips and strategies to it.

#2. A complete step by step guide on how to launch your blog the right way. Of course, this is for those of you who have not started yet.

#3. A guide on implementing unconventional affiliate marketing as one of your main streams of income from your blog. However, right now, you can learn about making money with affiliate marketing from my good friend, Michelle’s course. I bought and studied it and it is great.

#4. A complete resource on how to build sales funnels for your blog and business.  I’ll dive deep into different types of funnels and SHOW you how to build them the right way, so that 100% of it runs on autopilot.

#5. A guide on how to optimise your blog to build your email list in a smart way.

#6. A free course on how to invest in crypto currencies, how to protect your investment and avoid the many scams popping up every day.

#7. A free course on how to use Instagram to grow your brand and business. Actually, yesterday, I was talking with my friend, John Ferrara (Instagram Marketing Expert) who helped me grow my IG account from 0 to over 30,000 followers. He told me that the price of his course will go up from $197 to $497 very soon.

#8. How to create and position upsell offers to serve your audience at different levels without becoming a nasty-pushy sales-person, and of course, become more profitable in the process.

I’m also working on new products, but that’s a topic for another time. As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done, still.

Which one(s) of the free resources I mentioned above, do you want to learn more about?

Let me know in the comment section below, if you have the time.

Make sure you subscribe to the HeyRicky+ Newsletter, so that you can get notified as soon as these free resources go live.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope you’ve taken something valuable and meaningful from this month’s income report!

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