What It Takes to Create, Build and Grow Multiple Streams Of Income Online?


I’ve been part of the online business world since 2001, a blogger since 2012, a product creator since 2015, and an investor since 2017.

Today, I seek simplicity, clarity and deeper understanding to create a positive impact in everything I do in my life and business.

What is HeyRicky All About?

Here, I focus on teaching everything I know about creating and growing assets that help bloggers (and creators) get paid.

From creating and selling your own products and services to creating and maintaining automated systems to grow your affiliate income.

I also share genius wisdom from remarkable people on how to live a meaningful (good) life, online business strategies, money matters, smart investing and the future (this is something I truly love to do).

I donate 10% of the gross income coming from the products I create, and the products or services I recommend.

There is a deep inner connectedness between what brings me joy and happiness, how I create impact, and where profits come from.

I’m driven by the deep desire to learn how to live, love, serve and create a meaningful, healthy and wealthy life.

As the well known author, Seth Godin said:

Don’t build a business because you want freedom. Build a business because you want to run a business that improves people’s lives.

If you start a business to buy yourself freedom, you might be in it for the wrong reasons. Do it because you love it…

Do it because it is your calling, your purpose and not because you think it’s going to give you the life you want.

You can create the life you want without playing someone else’s game. Don’t try to impress others. Instead, impress yourself.

Trust in your God given gifts. Nurture it. Be faithful to it, and give it away to help others, to serve others the way that only you can.

What does it take to build multiple streams of income online? Is it even possible to get it done? Is it easy or hard? Can I do it?

These are questions I get more often than not – from subscribers, students and readers.

Nothing about starting and growing an online business or blog for that matter, is easy. It does take a tremendous amount of work.

It takes great commitment and focus.

Is it possible? Yes, it is. Very possible.

Can you do it? Yes and no.

It all depends on your work ethic. If you are lazy and only think about a short term gain, you won’t get it done.

If you are in it to serve others and you are truly committed, yes, you can do it. You have a better chance at making it happen.


99 percent of the content I create is free.

Look around, there are a few things.

Find what’s relevant to you, and IGNORE the rest.

HeyRicky remains 100% ad-free, and takes me hundreds of hours a month to research, execute, write, and share what matters to you.

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